My VPS is suspended!

If you are suspended, chances are that you broke our terms of service. So before making a ticket, please first review our terms of service to understand why you could have been suspended. In some cases, you will have been suspended for bandwidth overusage or forgetting to pay your bill, in which case it can be resolved by paying your bill, waiting until your bandwidth resets, or purchasing additional bandwidth by creating a ticket and asking to be invoice.

Please understand that:
  • We are not required to unsuspend you, so your chances of unsuspension are better if you cooperate.
  • We do not provide refunds in terms of suspensions.
  • There's a $25 suspension fee that may apply to your suspension.

To be considered for a quick unsuspended, please create a ticket with the following information:
  • State if you are willing to pay the $25 suspension fee.
  • State what you were running on your VPS that may have caused the suspension.
  • Give us access/permission to access your VPS to see if malware was running on your VPS.
  • Do not threaten a payment dispute: this will only result in a suspension until payment issue is resolved.
  • State you understand the portion of the terms you broke / it will not happen again.

Thank you for understanding.
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