How to Upgrade?

If you are trying to upgrade your plan and do not know how then please follow the guide below:

1) Make sure you are logged in to your client area and then select "My Services" under the Services tab.

Services -> My Services

2) Select the service you'd like to upgrade from the list of services.

3) Please select the "Upgrade/Downgrade" option on the left side of the page, or use the "Upgrade" button in the middle of the page - if these buttons are not visible then please contact us.


4) On the next page you will see the upgrades available for your server, after selecting the upgrade you'd like, please select the billing cycle you'd like and then "Choose Product"

5) You will then be asked to pay for your upgrade. Once that is paid, go back to your service page, scroll down to the bottom and reboot your server (restarting through the VPS will not work).

6) If you are on a Linux server, then this should be all that is required, your server has been successfully upgraded. However if you see an issue with the disk not being upgraded (but everything else is), then please run this command: resize2fs

Windows Servers (More steps) - Ignore if you don't have a Windows Server

7) Please log in to your server through Remote Desktop Connection or VNC, and then you can open the Control Panel and open "Create and format Hard Disk Partitions"

8) You will then be able to extend the disk through there.

Disk upgrade guide

If you have any questions, then please open a support ticket in the client area, thanks.
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