Changing your billing term from monthly to quarterly or annual billing

We're glad you enjoy our service and want to increase the term length. Not only does this ensure that you run into a lower possibility of billing issues, but you will have invoices generated much sooner for annual payments, and you will get less communication overall regarding bills. On top of that, of course, you may save some money.

Please note, we perform upgrades for free on our system and a term change is considered an upgrade, but we do not perform downgrades automatically or for free. So if you are not sure yet, we recommend staying on a monthly term.

Step one:
Navigate to "My Services" under the "Services" navigation item.

Step two:
Click on the service you wish to modify on the list of services.

Step three:
From time to time, we may update the design/wording on this page. But click "Show service details & billing information" or anything that indicates seeing your service's general or billing details.

Step four:
Under "Billing Cycle" that says "Monthly" click the "Change" button. Follow the instructions. If you are not eligible, it will let you know. Please also read the important information provided, as this cannot be undone and you may lose promotion discounts.

Not eligible?
The most common reason for not being eligible is that you have an unpaid invoice. If you have an unpaid invoice, it must unfortunately be paid before processing this change. The second most common reason is that you are too close to an invoice generation or due date. And finally, we may elect not to allow term changes for special offers, promotions, or limited support packages. 

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