Chinese Customers: Unable to access your IP?

If you're having issues accessing your service while living in China then it could be that your IP has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

You can easily verify this by using an external web-based ping tool and pinging your service IP - if the IP is pinging on that tool and you are unable to access it then it could be that a hop in the route is blocked or the IP you've been assigned is blocked.

In cases like this, we'd recommend you contact our support through the "Contact Us" link in the navbar while logged in. They would then be able to determine whether the IP is blocked by the GFW.
We highly recommend preparing an MTR to provide to the support agent. Please download WinMTR or a similar program, and ping/route to the IP address of your VPS from your computer. Leave this running until at least 500 hops, or iterations. Then please do the same from your VPS, if possible.
After having these pieces of information, we can better diagnose your connection issue if it's not blocked by the GFW.

However, keep in mind that being blocked by the GFW falls outside the scope of our regular support for plans as this is not something we are in control of.
The cost of an IP change (that we'd verify is accessible through the GFW) would cost $5.
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